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Held at 7pm on Monday 24th May at the UCLMS Clubhouse, Huntley Street.

Present: Danny McConnell, Mark Dawson, Adrian Haysome, Bobby Butlin, Serge Sollo, Duncan Bonfield, Bruce Cockerton, Claus Schiko, Danny Fewkes, Martin Woodrow, Bill Rigby.

Apologies: Steve Nash, Steve Murden, Ally Gammell, Julian Courtney-Stubbs


Our turnover was 11,000 (9,000 match subs, 1,900 annual subs and 250 sponsorship). We're still owed 500 in match subs and 450 in sponsorship.

We spent 4,800 on pitches, 1,300 on teas, 1,000 on referees, 500 on league affiliation fees and 400 on fines and balls.

This left a surplus of about 3,000 of which we've already spent 2,400 on six new kits, 150 on new balls and 270 on next season's AFA affiliation fees. We will also spend 100 on ensuring there is a first aid kit in each team bag and buckets and "magic sponges" at Shenley, leaving a current balance of around 1000.

We ought to be aware that at some point in the future we'll be required to pay for pitches in advance to continue to avoid paying VAT, so we need to continue to build up our cash reserves. We really ought to have a minimum of 4000 as a balance between seasons to enable us to pre-pay half a season's pitches, pay league affiliation fees and buy kits and balls before the season starts.

It was unanimously agreed to keep subs at the 1998-99 rates (7.00 match fees, 25.00 annual subs and 10.00 social subs) in order to build up our cash reserves and not find ourselves with the financial problems which have plagued us in recent years (and intermittently throughout our history). Projecting the 1998-99 figures we could make a profit of up to 3,000, though it was agreed we ought to allocate up to 1,000 to other projects.

There will be a prompt payment discount on annual subs. If annual subs are paid by 31/10/99 then only 20.00 will be due rather than 25.00. This could cost us about 300 of the 1000 allocated but will hopefully make collection easier for captains - people will hopefully be keen to pay annual subs themselves.

Match fees for students, guests and unemployed will be half rate, 3.50 and we should endeavour to always collect a guest fee from guests. Students and unemployed will only be asked to pay 10 social subs rather than 25 annual subs.


We have received sponsorship money for one kit and expect to receive payment for a second. We will pursue a sponsorship deal with Allied Dunbar involving distribution of some details with the club newsletter. We won't be giving out details of any club members to any potential sponsor. Members may be able to apply for a UCL Alumni credit card once we've sorted out membership of the Alumni association (currently in progress).


If players get into serious arrears with their subs they're at risk of finding themselves not being selected. We need to get subs owed in as soon as possible.


The club will register a veterans side for next season with the AFA and SOL. Paul Matthewson (a previous Hon.Sec.) will be the Vets Secretary. The FA has changed the age for vets from 35 to 40, so the vets will be playing friendlies only as they currently aren't in the 40+ bracket. The vets will run themselves mostly separately, but will pay a "team annual subscription" of 100. This will cover their AFA and SOL affiliation cost and give a deposit for their first pitch payment, which will be booked through us. They'll pay us for pitch bookings after each home game and sort out kits and so on themselves. Having seven sides increases our AFA disciplinary threshold from 31 to 34 points.


We have about 700 to be allocated to other costs of the 1000 detailed in the financial report. Training tops and club ties will not be subsidised, but these can be considered next season when our finances ought to be rosier. However, an order for training tops will be made during this season.

At captains discretion they can buy a jug for the opposition at home games and claim the cost against teas. This was agreed on a 7-4 vote. Some of our teams have done this anyway, and it will improve our hospitality rating. This could cost us about 500 (based on about 50 home games).

The club will pay for two representatives (the Hon.Sec. and one other) to attend the SOL annual dinner. Cost 50.

At the end of next season the club will award "player of the year" trophies to each of the six teams and a "golden boot" trophy to the highest goalscorer. Each team will vote for their own player of the year. Total cost 100.

From next season if a side wins their league the club will subsidise up to 15 individual medals (up to 5 each) as the SOL don't present medals for league titles (they do for cup winners and runners-up). We may also consider an "honorary" award for service to the club if any suitable candidates are proposed. Allocated cost 100.

These allocations - 300 for prepaid annual subs, 500 for jugs, 50 for SOL dinner, 100 for team awards and 100 for league medals - could reduce our projected surplus from 3000 to 2000. These allocations may be reviewed during the season if our income isn't as healthy as projected.


All officers were elected unanimously:

Honorary Secretary - Danny McConnell

Honorary Fixtures Secretary - Mark Dawson

Referees Secretary - Claus Schiko

Treasurer - Adrian Haysome

Honorary Assistant Secretary - Bobby Butlin

1st XI Captain - Steve Nash (vice: Martin Woodrow)

2nd XI Captain - Jon Davies (vice: Steve Woodrow)

3rd XI Captain - Ally Gammell (vice: Jamie Pearson)

4th XI Captain - Serge Sollo (vice: Duncan Bonfield)

5th XI Captain - Robert Butlin (vice: Mark Hanlon)

6th XI Captain - Danny McConnell (vice: Carl Evans)

Veterans Captain - Paul Matthewson (vice: Carl Kemp)

The 5ths and 6ths from last season will "swap" with the 5ths playing probably in Junior 3 North and the 6ths in Junior 4 North. However, we will lobby the SOL to allow us to keep both teams in Junior 4 North. If the 3rds are offered a place in Intermediate 3 we will accept that.


We need to have more players coming through from UCL particularly for the lower sides. The Alumni newsletter, student newsletters, noticeboard at Shenley and personal contacts at Shenley are all potential sources for improving our contact.


The club will write to the SOL proposing that the league should adopt three points for a win.

The club are also concerned at the increase in bookings at first team level throughout the league. This has already been addressed by the SOL and the league will be proposing an increase in the disciplinary threshold for next season from 12 points per team to 16. This is not a problem for lower teams.

We may have two FA Cup Final tickets allocated next season (the AFA allocates a pair to constituent clubs on a 3-5 year rota). It'll be left to the Hon.Sec. to decide on a fair method of allocation.

There are moves afoot to merge the Southern Olympian League, Southern Amateur League and Old Boys League. We will (through Danny McConnell, now serving on the SOL Management Council) continue to monitor this.

Meeting closed at 9pm.